Jeti Oguz valley known as Seven Bulls

You will be able to travel around Kyrgyzstan on tours and enjoy the views and landscapes, get important information. So we invite you to take a tour of Kyrgyzstan, where the company's clients will be able to explore the Jeti Oguz gorge and find out that it translates to Seven Bulls, which is located near Karakol, 28 km away. It is a very attractive place that can show all the natural charm. You will be able to rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan and also get to know the landscapes of red Bulls. With our tours, customers will be able to travel around Kyrgyzstan to learn great facts about the incredible mountain country.

This gorge is named because of its appearance and you will be able to learn about it during the tours. You also have the chance to explore facts about phenomena, legends. Our team offers you to rent a car, enjoy exploring the myths. You can find out about this myth. As you know, in the past there was a king who killed bulls. He was able to kill seven bulls, and after that, the universe created a hill that resembles seven bulls. And the stories themselves are painted in red, which resembles blood. Explore Kyrgyzstan on mountain country tours and enjoy the scenery.


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