Sam, Feedback

We spent around two weeks exploring Kyrgyzstan in summer. It was one of our best trips and we really enjoyed what Kyrgyzstan could offer for us. First of all we've visited the famous Isyk-kul lake and had a great time exploring its outskirts. The next highlight was the yurts near the Son Kul lake, where no electricity and telephone sign worked. We were really out of nowhere, it a picturesque place though. The entire trip was in the same mood and we had a relaxing tour in Kyrgyzstan thanks to the team.


Jack, Feedback


Our tour was in two wonderful countries in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. It was a great combination due to the abundance of mountains and lakes in Kyrgyzstan and amazing architecture in Uzbekistan. The whole trip was filled up with small pleasant surprises like a glass of champagne on the most random spots, welcoming national breads, small gifts furnished by the company. We were very grateful in the end of tour.


Simon, Feedback


We rented a car from the company and drove through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The landscape was amazing in each country, totally different though. The car was in a great shape and never failed. The company provided us with all the equipment for camping for free. During the tour we always felt the support of the company.


George, Feedback


We travelled with different company in the beginning but after doing the trekking part in the Issyk Kul region in Kyrgyzstan, but we came back and continued the tour with this company which was very professional and knew their job. Despite of some issues in the beginning of our travel, once we changed the company, we still loved Kyrgyzstan so much for the great nature and wonderful people. Our guide Nastya was excellent in her job and made the best of the trip in Kyrgyzstan.


Elizabeth, Feedback


Travelling along the Silk Road was always one of my dreams. Thanks to this company I managed totravel along 5 stans successfully. All the logistics were carried out well and no details missed out. The professional work of local staff in each of the countries like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan made my Silk Road tour go smoothly and in a relaxing pace. I want to say thank you again for the amazing work.


James, Feedback


I travelled with my family in Kyrgyzstan, around the lake of Issyk Kul in autumn of 2018. The company provided all the necessary information about travelling with small kids. They took care of our needs and were flexible about changing the route. We were happy in general and I would recommend them to all the travelers planning trips in Kyrgyzstan.

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