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Kumys treatment.

Kumys treatment is use of kumys medicinally. Kumys is a sour milk product made of mare's (rare cow's and camel's) milk; it has been produced by nomads since ancient times. Kumys for healing purposes is made of raw milk by attenuation it with lactic-fermentation bacteria and whey yeast at temperature of 26-28°C. Ready kumys is a fizzy, bubbly drink with alcoholic smack and smell.

The first mention of kumys can be found in an ancient Greek historian's  works(484-424 years BC), who, describing Scythians' life style, told that a favorite drink of those people was made of mare's milk by beating it in deep bowls.

Kumys is a good diuretic and choleretic. It is well digested by weak, emaciated organism, stimulates appetite, improves cleavage process of food and increases enteral absorption improving intestinal motility. Moreover kumys decreases cholesterol level in organism that greatly increases value of this healing drink. Kumys is rich in ferrum that is necessary for the people suffering from anemia, it increases haemoglobin contents in blood and improves leucogram.

Kumys treatment is used to treat tuberculosis, attenuation, anemia, peptic ulcer in stage of fading, it's also good for treatment of dysentery and typhoid.

Bactericidal action of kumys against collibacillus and other pathogenic microbes has been discovered.

Wholesome effect of kumys on nervous system functional diseases is admitted. Kumys treatment is also effective against benign neurosis.

It is established that the diseased feel much better and keep working efficiency longer after kumys treatment. It is down to the fact that under kumys treatment influence pervasive changes in metabolism take place and continue their action afterwards.

Carbon dioxide containing in kumys causes a feeling of tingling in the mouth and a feeling of warmth in the stomach. Having anesthetic effect carbon dioxide decreases hyperirritability of mucous coat of stomach. Kumys contains lots of vitamin C - three times more than cow milk does.


Healing water and muds of Kyrgyzstan.

Presently over 120 natural outflows of mineral waters have been discovered in the territory of the Republic. There are mineral waters of almost all known types.

ACIDULOUS WATERS. There are 25 places of acidulous waters outflow mostly situated on the Ferghana Range. Together these springs provide about 100 liters per second. Among local waters there are analogs of arzini, borjomi, darasun, essentuki. The most known deposits of mineral waters in Kyrgyzstan are Chatir Kel and Kara Shoro.

THERMAL WATERS. There are over 50 outflows of thermal and subthermal waters. Among them there are iodine-bromine waters (Izbasken, Kochkor Ata), radon waters (Jeti-Oguz, Kerege-Tash), less-mineralized flinty waters (Issyk-Ata, Ak Suu), brines without specific components (Segettu). Natural resources of thermal waters of the Republic are 200l/sec. On the base of 10 deposits work resorts and sanatoriums.

SULPHIDE WATERS. They are found in the south of the Republic mostly near oil and gas deposits. Over 10 outflows have been discovered. The most known are Kara Tube and Kyzyl Jar.

MUDS (sludge and sludge-turfy). In the quantity to be of practical interest they were found near Jalalabad, in Chu valley, at the lakeside of Issyk-Kul and in other places.


Salt mines of Chon Tuz.

The main field of the center is healing and rehabilitation of the diseased suffered from stone asthma, other diseases of breathing organs, allergy problems (nettle rash, Quincke's disease, atopic eczema, allergic rhinitis and others.), nervous diseases (neurosis, neurasthenia).

"Chon Tuz" Sanitarium

The sanitarium is situated at altitude of 2100 above sea level. Since Soviet times this place has been considered the best place for various disease treatment. Lots of people from the former Soviet Union visit this place and always come back feeling much better!

Unique combination of such nature factors as high mountains and high concentration of air ions in spelean mines, stability of microclimate of underground rooms, full absence of pollen allergens, almost complete air sterility (3-5 microbes per 1m3). Air temperature in the spelean mines is +8 - +10°C all year around. Effectiveness of the atopic asthma treatment reaches 97%, by infective-dependable form - 67-78%.

At the same time there are some precautions for the treatment in the spelean sanitarium: tuberculosis (any form), glomerulonephritis, oncology, brucellosis, rheumatism (rheumatic heart disease, polyarthritis), hypertonia 2-3 phase (renal especially), diabetes. 


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