Folding money

It is obvious that before starting a tour in any country guests are trying to get more information about the country and in this case they are also interested in currency of the country. At the same time it is important to know the amount of money which can be taken.

On arriving to travel in Kyrgyzstan people may wonder about car rent service and in this case they can pay with USD and national currency soms. But in other places of the country currency is just soms, and it is impossible to pay with other currency. On coming for a tour it is better to exchange money in banks in the center of the city.

The idea should be known is that rates are different in different banks of Bishkek. But best exchange rates are in the city and not in regions and bazaars. When travel deals are made, there is always a need of money exchange and note banks work until 5pm, with offices of money exchange about 24 hours a day. For being able to exchange money you will be asked to show passport. Yes, there are visa and mastercard systems, but cards are not taken everywhere, so you should always have cash. Kyrgyzstan is a country of cash.

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