Khan Tengri

Peak Khan Tengri, the top of that is about 6995m above sea level. However, the ice cap makes the mountain to be about 7010m above sea level. Under the tour, the travelers can get such information as it lying in the Issyk Kul region and being the border with Kazakhstan.

The local people call it as "Prince of Spirits" or "Ruler of the Sky". The peak had various names during different periods, due to the researcher's mistake in the description of the peak, when he mistook it with the peak Pobeda. The original name was Kan Tau (Blood Mountain). Probably it is due to blood of vaulters died there or due to red sunsets.

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Kyrgyzstan rent cars is the chance to find out that in 1931 the team from Ukraine was the first who climbed the peak. However, during the period of the Soviet Union the ordinary people could not get the allowances of visiting the territory of the mountain. Maybe due to non-investigated areas. Observing the mountain closer on the tour with car rent, it is possible to notice the Enilchek Glacier and Merzbacher lakes along with fairy valleys and rivers, the gorges with unforgettable views.


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