Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by mountains, which is why the republic is one of the favorite places of mountaineers around the world. For the conquerors of the peaks, our country is a real paradise. You can use car rent service and investigate its peaks, valleys and gorges. You will see splendid views in tours through Kyrgyzstan.

Long chains from west to east stretch 88 ridges of a powerful mountain system-the Tien Shan. The name of the system means "Heavenly Mountains". Other mountain systems, such as the Chon Alai range in the south of the country, belong to the Pamir mountain system. Mountain height range (about 94%) are at the altitudes of 1,000 meters above sea level and 71% are above 2,000 meters. In tours you can compare our snowy ranges with the ranges of Switzerland.

Kyrgyzstan is popular for the Tien Shan mountain system. It is largest one among all Central Asian countries. In addition, Tien Shan chain takes 2/3 of Kyrgyzstan. There are several ranges as Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Inner. One more prominent thing is our glaciers. For example, the Enilchek is the highest where are located well-known peaks as Pobeda and Khan Tengri. The interesting fact that approximately 23 peaks of Kyrgyzstan are higher than 6,000 meters. Its gorgeous will certainly seen in tours along Kyrgyzstan. Do not forget about our car rent service! 


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