Peak Lenin

Peak Lenin is one of the most popular summits for climbing in Kyrgyzstan. Travelers can learn about all the details of Peak Lenin during a tour with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service. Its height is 7134 m. Tourists will have to travel by the means of Kyrgyzstan cars rent service to the Osh region to visit the territory of Peak Lenin. By the way, this peak is still located on the border with Tajikistan. If the travelers decided to visit the territory of Peak Lenin, one must understand that the weather there is not stable and sometimes the peak cannot be seen because of the clouds.

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The Russian traveler A.P. Fedchanko first described the peak in 1871; the guides will also tell you about this during the tour with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service. The peak was originally called Kaufman Peak after the governor and the Soviet leader. The first ascent to Peak Lenin was made in 1929, but the participants did not manage to reach the designated goal. The Soviet Red Army made the next ascent. The members of the expedition this time managed to reach the top and they even erected a monument to Lenin. Then the jubilee 301st expedition was made in 1967 and found out that there are more than 16 routes.

While traveling with Kyrgyzstan cars rent service, tourists should understand and know that the weather is changeable in the highlands. Such weather conditions can create tragic consequences; therefore, you should go on a mountain tour in the company of a professional and knowing all the secrets of climbing. In 1974, a team of women, trying to reach the top of Peak Lenin, was met by a storm, and in 1991, a team of 44 people died in an earthquake.


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