Rituals are a significant part of every country's history, and Kyrgyzstan is no different. In addition, we would like to reassure the guests that their tour will definitely be exciting because it will be coordinated by our team.

Boarders who come to the country usually rent a car in Bishkek and go straight to the locals to experience the rituals, or in other words, the state's customs and beliefs. The origins of rituals can be traced back to the time of the Turkic tribes in ancient times. Since the Kyrgyz people used to live a nomadic lifestyle, their rituals were based on their experiences.

We are pleased to inform you about the rituals associated with childbirth as part of your Kyrgyzstan car rental tour. The first is known as suiunchu - or the occurrence of bringing good news to the parents while they wait for gifts. The korunduk ritual follows, which involves giving money to the parents when they visit the infant. Some other event is beishik toi, which symbolizes the birth of a child. It's the time when most a large number of people gather to prepare delicious traditional food and burn archa. The event of a baby taking their first steps is known as tushoo kesuu. When this occurs, close friends and family are invited to tie the baby's legs, and when the other older children meet him in the challenge, they untie him.

Weddings are the next type of custom that can be seen on a car rental tour, with or without a driver. Wedding and engagement rituals are given a great deal of importance and significance in our country. Today, the main goal is to invite as many people as possible, even though it means incurring significant financial losses. The traditional rituals are centered on ala kachuu, a now-prohibited occurrence. It is the act of kidnapping the bride, which is often carried out by an unknown person. In the event of kidnapping, the bride has no choice but to stay at the groom's home. Then there's nike kyiuu, which means "engagement." According to Muslim practices, it is regarded as the legalization of marriage. Kyz uzatuu is the ceremony in which the bride is the focus of attention and all of her friends and relatives bid her farewell. The wedding is then performed in the restaurant, complete with toasts and guests. So, these are the country's main traditions, which can be witnessed by those who rent a vehicle on a tour through Kyrgyzstan.


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