Rukh Ordo complex

The Rukh Ordo Complex is the historical cultural contact center for individuals with different beliefs; it is at the heart of the cross-cultural enrichment and exchanges of feelings and values. Tourists will boost their tour with a view of the world of faith, folklore and a big car rental context.

The facts from a research point of view are interacted with by most people taking car rental tours in Kyrgyzstan along with some false facts. The complex's construction is deliberate. People agreed to set up a place which would encompass faiths and nations. This is the place where many politicians have opted to visit. The complex floods Issyk Kul lake to the south and Kungei Ala Too offsets it to the north. The central concept of the complex is found in the following: middle of the five principal faiths, side by side, opposite one another. Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan is a means of experiencing the house's magical aspect. It is portrayed in white chapels to show the openness of people to each other and their caring will. And tourists can spend the middle of their journey around the tour spot in Kyrgyzstan, anywhere on the area, and enjoy the car rental backdrop.

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