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Kazakhstan has a vast territory occupying the ninth place in the world in size. The major part of it makes the steppes and its southern part bordering on Kyrgyzstan has rich mountains with abundance of national parks filled with forests and lakes. If you want to see the combination of fast-developing post -Soviet country along with ancient world and beautiful nature, then you should visit Kazakhstan. During our tours you will get acquainted with the history of Kazakh nomads, learn the major events of the country's life and get familiarized with the culture and traditions of the people. Such places like Kaindy, Kolsai, Charyn national parks will not leave anybody indifferent, while the history of Almaty, Shymkent and Turkestan will take you to the ancient world and times of Silk Road. Enjoy your new discoveries visiting Kazakhstan with our tours in this beautiful country!


Tour name: The wind of the steppe

Highlights of tour: Almaty, Shymkent, Otrar, Chernyaevka, Turkestan.

Summary: In the tour "The wind of the steppe" you visit the biggest cities and the highest points of Kazakhstan. This country has a very rich cultural heritage that will surprise you a lot. You will enjoy the nature which is uniquely beautiful. More...

The wind of the steppe, Kazakhstan Tours 

Tour name:
Sacred places of Kazakhstan

Highlights of tour: Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz, Issik, Turkestan.

Summary: Kazakhstan is a huge country that includes many interesting sites. During the tour "Sacred places of Kazakhstan" we will visit the most outstanding points of this Central Asian country. More...

Sacred places of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Tours 

Tour name:
The sun of the east

Highlights of tour: Nur-Sultan, Borovoe, ethno-village.

Summary: The tour "The sun of the east" will show you the northern part of Kazakhstan. You will enjoy the best view of the city Nur-Sultan and take a deep breath in the wonderful National Park Borovoe. More...

The sun of the east, Kazakhstan Tours 

Tour name:
The steppes until the skyline

 Highlights of tour: Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Charyn Canyon.

Summary: This tour in Kazakhstan called "The steppes until the skyline" will show you the most interesting sites. You will visit the main cities and enjoy the beauty of the nature at Charyn Canyon. It will be unforgettable trip in the country of the Golden Eagle. More...

The steppes until the skyline, Kazakhstan Tours 

Tour name:
Dynamic Kazakhstan

Highlights of tour: Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Kol Sai lakes, Charyn Canyon.

Summary: During your "Dynamic Kazakhstan" you will be surprise how modern the cities if this Central Asian country. The country that has a plan of development until the far-future and it goes with the confident steps. More...

Dynamic Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Tours


Tour name: Through the steppes

Highlights of tour: Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Big Almaty Lake

Summary: Your tour in Kazakhstan "Through the steppes" will start in the south capital and finish in the north capital of Kazakhstan. The huge country that will welcome you with a warm hug. More...

Through the steppes, Kazakhstan tours 

Tour name: Adventure as a lifestyle

Highlights of tour: Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Kaindy lake, Charyn Canyon

Summary: The tour "Adventure as a lifestyle" will show you the lakes, Canyons, mountains and the main cities of the biggest country in Central Asia. You will enjoy the driving through the steppes with the mountains behind. More... 

 Adventure as a lifestyle, Kazakhstan tours

Tour name:
The land of the crossroads

Highlights of tour: Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Kaindy lake, Charyn Canyon

Summary: The tour "The land of the crossroads" we will go from the south to the north. You will learn a lot about the Kazakh culture, tradition and lifestyle. It will be a wonderful trip where you will lost in the steppes. More...

The land of the crossroads, Kazakhstan tours 

Kazakhstan is the fastest developing country in Central Asia with a huge territory. It takes the ninth place in the world and is rich in natural resources and gas. It is washed by the waters of Caspian Sea and shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The population of Kazakhstan makes more than 15 million people. Kazakh people are derived from the family of Turkic ethnic groups and speak Kazakh language. There were numerous nomadic civilizations that left indelible tracks in the history of Kazakh people. They were known as tribes of Saka. You will have a chance to learn about their burial mounds, archeological findings and lots of others. Kazakhstan has a big number of archeological findings and ancient monuments including Tamgaly Tas ancient Buddhist inscriptions, Issyk burial mound with a "golden man" and remains of ancient cities of Otrar and Turkestan. Besides you will have a chance to enjoy the picturesque nature visiting the cascade of lakes in Kolsai and Kaindy, experiencing local life in Saty village. Almaty is not only the largest and important commercial center of Kazakhstan, but also a popular tourist destination where you can visit such places as Medeu gorge, Kok Tobe hill, Central State museum, Pamfilov Park and noisy Green Bazar. We employ the most qualified guides and polite drivers to our tours in Kazakhstan. Delicious and unique cuisine of Kazakh people will add a special charm in your tours. Be part of our interesting tours and enjoy your time. 


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