Pearl of Central Asia

Pearl of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan tours

Tour name: Pearl of Central Asia

Highlights of tour: Bishkek, Chon Kemin, Burana Tower, Issik Kul, Ala Aracha, Chunkurchak.

Day 1: Bishkek - Chunkurchak - Bishkek
You will start you tour in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek has 140 years and has an interesting history. Upon arrival we will start a city tour visiting the main places of interest. We will visit Pobeda square (Victory square), Oak Park, the Central square Ala-Too, Old square with the monument of Lenin, National Philharmonic Hall, and other places. In the afternoon we will drive to one of the smallest gorges, Chunkurchak gorge, which is 45km away from the city. The name of the gorge means "hollow" from Kyrgyz language. It's also a National Biological Reserve which was established to conserve rare species of tulips. During the spring it's possible to see a various types of the flowers and herbs. In the winter time this place is full of the ski lovers, there is a wonderful ski resort. Chunkurchak gorge goes to the Takhr Gorge, ehich contains a 200m rock overlooking the Alamedin river. Then we will return to Bishkek. The night is in the hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek - Burana - Chon Kemin
This day of the tour we will go to see very picturesque gorge Chon Kemin. On the way to the gorge will visit ancient Balasagun city. Nowadays just a Tower(minaret) Burana have been conserved. The city was one of the main cities in the way of Silk Road and was built in 11th century. Inside the territory of the city we will see also an open-air museum of Balbals. Balbals are the grave stones in for of the warriors. These grave stones were made in honor of the soldiers who died during the battles. Then we will continue to drive and upon arrival to Chon Kemin gorge we will have a horse riding tour up to the mountains. 3 hours of the tour crossing the mountain forests and at the end we will arrive to the top and enjoy the wonderful view to the gorge. The night is in the homestay.

Day 3: Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake northern shore
From Chon Kemin gorge we will drive to the Issik Kul lake. This lake is a Pearl of Central Asia and the second biggest alpine lake in the world. It's 180km long and 60km wide lake, which is surrounded by the high mountains. For many years the local people considered this lake as a sacred one. Issik Kul is a salty lake and this gives to the water of the lake curative qualities. On the shore of the lake are many health resorts and in Soviet time the heads of the government were coming to spend their vacations. The night is in the hotel.  

Day 4: Issyk Kul lake - Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek
This day we will start from the visit of the ancient stone drawings called petroglyphs. They were made 2 000 years ago by the shamans. These stones were found in 20th century and it was surrounded by the wall without moving the stones. And the wonderful view opens from the open air museum of the petroglyphs. Then we will drive to Bishkek city. Upon arrival we will drive outside the city to visit a National Park Ala Archa. This park is situated in the Tian Shan range, 30 minutes from the city. At the Soviet time it was closed reserve and just VIP people could enter to make some walk. We will have a short hiking to enjoy the view to the gorge. The night is in the hotel.

Day 5: Bishkek - Airport
In the morning is transfer to airport. 


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