Untouched beauty

Untouched beauty, Tajikistan tours 

Tour name: Untouched beauty

Highlights of tour: Dushanbe, Iskanderkul, Hissor, Ramit.

Day 1: Dushabe - Hissor - Dushanbe
Your driver will pick you up from the airport of Dushanbe and will accompany to the city. Then we will drive to Hissor fortress (VII - XVII). The fortress was used as a residence for the Emir of Bukhara's delegate. It was well protected fortress with thick walls around and the loopholes for the guns and cannons. It has a citadel and inside it had the pool and the garden. There was also a market square in front of it with the caravan serai and the shops. Today we can see just the entrance gate with two towers imposing it. There are other interesting sites like recently restored monuments of Madrasa I Kuhna, mosque and the mausoleum of Mahdumi Azam from 16th century. Then we will return to Dushanbe for lunch. And we will visit the Botanical Garden and Victory Park with a panoramic view on the city. The night is in the hotel.

Day 2: Dushanbe - Ramit - Dushanbe
This day of the tour will take us to natural reservoir Ramit. It was made by the Government of Tajik SSR in 1959. The reservoir is in the middle of the gorge Ramit. We will drive 80km from Dushanbe near Vahdat town. The whole territory of the reservoir is on the altitude from 1176-3195m. There is a river Ramit flowing through this gorge. Thers is a river trout in this river. This area has a very rich flora and fauna. It has a variety if the medical herbs. Maybe we will see the wild goats, wild boars and many other types of the animals and birds. There is one very great achievement of this reservoir like a population of Bukhara deer. It was created in this reservoir. The night is in the hotel.

Day 3: Dushanbe - Iskanderkul Lake
Today our trip goes to high Mountain lake called Iskanderkul (2 255m), which is the Fann Mountains. This place considered to be one of the best areas of Central Asia. The road goes through the Anzob Pass which 3 372 meters high. There is a wonderful view from the top. When we will arrive to the lake we will have a short walk along the beaches and 40 minutes hike to the waterfall. Tajikistan has more then 1 000 rivers, 2 000 lakes, 8 000 glaciers. It puts this country on the second place among the CIS countries. The night is in the home stay.   

Day 4: Iskanderkul Lake
This day we will hike at this famous Fann Mountains. In the ancient time these mountains were known as Kuhistan, from farsi it means Mountainous country. On the small territory of the Fanns are located more than 30 lakes of different sizes and shape. The Fann Mountains is a favorite place to visit not just for the locals but also for the tourists. It ‘s a wonderful area for the trekking and climbing activities. This place has a unique flora and fauna. You will have a time to enjoy the beauties and spend a good time. The night is in the homestay.

Day 5: Iskanderkul - Dushanbe
This day we will return to Dushanbe, through the pass Anzob which is 3 372m. high and Isticlol tunnel. On the way we will stop for taking the pictures and enjoy the views. In the afternoon we will have a guide city tour in the capital. We will visit the places like Rudake Park, National Library, White House, National State sign and Parliament house. Then we will walk to the National Park where we will see the biggest flag in the world, 165m high pole, 30m wide and 60m long. Then we will visit Central Museum and Gurminj Museum of the traditional musical instruments. The night is in the hotel.

Day 6: Airport
In the morning is transfer to airport.

02-04 pax - Hyundai Starex
06-08 pax - 2 cars: Hyundai Starex
10 pax - 3 cars: Hyundai Starex

Price per person:
02 pax - 765 $
04 pax - 485 $
06 pax - 505 $
08 pax - 425 $
10 pax - 450 $
Single - 80 $

Half board - 75 $
Full board - 150 $

English speaking guide - 510 $ per group

Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
Dushanbe - "Meridians" Hotel 3*
Iskanderkul Lake - Homestay
- Entrances to all museums
- Mineral water during the tour                                           

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- English speaking guide    


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