Trekking tour: "Kyrgyz life"

Trekking tour: "Kyrgyz life"

Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Duration: 13 days


Day 1: Arrival in Bishkek
You trip starts from the capital of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek. In the morning there is a city tour leading by our guide. You are going the following sightseeing: Central Cathedral, Eastern Bazaar, Central Square, Historical Museum. In the afternoon you are going to Ala-Archa, national park. You are staying in the hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek - Ashu-Kul-Tor
You are going to make a trip to Ashu-Kul-Tor ravine, 100km from the capital city. On the way you are visiting historical complex in the open air - Burana Tower (11 century), this is one of the remaining memorials of the Great Silk Way that wasn't destroyed by Genghis Khan. You are stopping at the river, setting a camp and having dinner made on the open fire. You are spending the night in the camp.

Day 3: Ashu-Kul-Tor - Tuyuk-Kul-Tor
After breakfast on the glade the first day of the trek is starting. The day is dedicated to acclimatization and radial walking along the Tuyuk-Kul-Tor River. There is short climbing to the mountaintops where you are enjoying the view of the Chu valley. You are spending the night in the camp.

Day 4: Tuyuk-Kul-Tor - Shamsi
Today you are raising the camp and starting for Shamsi ravine, the next ravine of the Kyrgyz Range spread for more than 400km. After crossing the Ashu-Kul-Tor river, you are going along its left bank to Mazar pass (3086m). The way down will lead you to Shamsi ravine where you are spending the night in the camp.

Day 5: Shamsi - Eastern Tuyuk
This day is started with the climbing to the pass which will lead our group to the place the local people call Eastern Tuyuk. You'd better not relax as after the going down to the hollow you will have to climb 5 km along the ancient path of snow leopards hunters in the end of which we are setting our camp on the picturesque glade. You are spending the night in the camp.

Day 6: Eastern Tuyuk - Kul-Tor Lake
After breakfast you are starting climbing to the Western Shamsi pass. A bushy path leads from here down to a beautiful alpine Kul-Tor Lake. You will set a camp on the river bank where you will see the sunset in the mountains. You will spend the night in the camp.

Day 7: Kul-Tor Lake - At-Jailoo
Today you are going down along the river Kul-Tor to the neighboring valley Kegety. There will be a fine road leading from there to At-Jailoo ravine. Then you are going 1.5km more from the junction of the Kegety River and the At-Jailoo River. You are approaching a quiet place perfect for the next two night stops.

Day 8: At-Jailoo
This day is dedicated to looking around the beautiful valley surrounded by snow mountaintops and savage scenery. From here you can walk farther along the river, climb to one of the plenty peaks or reach Kegety pass (3790m). From here you can get a fabulous view. You are spending the night in the camp.

Day 9: At-Jailoo-Tuyuk
Today's adventure is leading you back to the valley Tuyuk. You are crossing a small pass (2902m), going down to the river Tuyuk and reaching its junction with the river Kok-Moinok. You are spending the night in the camp.

Day 10: Tuyuk-Issyk-Ata
You are starting the day with a trek to a wonderful ravine called Issyk-Ata and namesake resort which has been an all-union sanatorium since the 30s of the 20th century. This is a unique place as the territory is a national park and you can see wild sheep, roe deer and marmots. You are spending the night in the camp.

Day 11: Issyk-Ata - Takyr-Tor
Today trek is going across a small pass and leading you to the valley Takyr-Tor, where there is a leisure base and you can enjoy long-desired rest earned by a long trek. You are spending the night in a cottage and having a dinner party.

Day 12: Takyr-Tor - Bishkek
That is the end of this interesting travel along the valleys and ravines of the Kyrgyz Range. We are leaving the ravine with a light feeling of sadness and going to the capital of the country. There you will have enough free time for shopping and walking around the city.

Day 13: Flight home
Today you are going home taking plenty of fabular impressions about Kyrgyzstan.


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