Melody of the fire

Melody of the fire, Turkmenistan tours

Tour name: Melody of the fire

Highlights of tour: Ashgabat, Darwaza, Kow-Ata, Mary, Merv, Nissa, Akhat-Teke horses.

Day 1: Ashgabat
Your tour will start in the capital of Turkmenistan. You will arrive to the airport and meet you guide and driver. We will start a city tour in Ashgabat, the city was founded in 1881 and located not far from the border with Iran. From the Persian, Ashgabat means "Love" and "abad" means populated or well-maintained. During your city tour we will visit Lenin square, Park of Independence, Arch of Neutrality, Museum of Ethnography and Museum of Fine Arts. The night is in the hotel.

Day 2: Ashgabat - Kow-Ata
Have you ever seen a lake inside the cave? If not, today is a day. We will go to see underground lake called Kow-Ata. Kow-Ata means "Father of caves". At the first look the lake appears like a wonderful auditorium. The size of the cave is 20m high and 57m wide. The bottom of the cave covered by stalagmites and the water is warm and has an incredible color. The water is 33-37°C warm. We will have some free time and you can swim in the lake.

Day 3: Kow-Ata - Darwaza
This day we will drive to Darwaza gas crater. It's a wonderful and unexplainable natural creation. We will stay in the camp and enjoy all the beauties of this area. The sounds that this crater makes are incredible. The night is in the camp near the crater.

Day 4: Darwaza - Ashgabat - Merv - Mary
This day we will drive to the east of Turkmenistan to visit a fortress Abiverd and Ancient Merv. The Abiverd settlement is one of the eight historical reserves of Turkmenistan. There the settlement like Kunya-Urgench, Nissa, Merv, Dakhistan. The remains of Abiverd are between Ashgabat and Mary. And also we will see the ruins of Seyit Jamak-ad-Din Mosque. The mosque was built in 1456. Merv was a city on the crossroad of the Silk Road ways. And that's why it became one of the biggest cities in a short period of time. And it became also the capital of Islam world of that times, like Cairo, Baghdad and Damascus. In Merv you will have a city tour visiting Gyz Gala, Erk Gala, Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum, Ibn Zeid Mausoleum. Then we will drive to Mary. The night is in the hotel.

Day 5: Mary - Ashgabat - Nissa - Horse farm - Ashgabat
The last day of your tour we will return to Ashgabat by the local flight. Then we will go to see Nissa fortress which is a Sanctuary of Parthian Kings. It became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. Then we will go to visit a horse farm located in Gokdepe region. The main Turkmen pride are the Akhal-Teke horse. One of the best and important horse breed in the world. Return to Ashgabat for the overnight.

Day 6: Flight
In the morning is transfer to airport.


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