Discover an Asian spirit

Discover an Asian spirit, Uzbekistan tours

Tour name: Discover an Asian spirit

Highlights of tour: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Ayz Qala, Khiva, Nukus, Turpak Qala,  Khorezm, Karakalpakstan.

Day 1: Tashkent
You will arrive to the airport of Tashkent and meet your driver and guide. Upon arrival to the capital you will start a city tour. The first place to visit will be an Independence square, which was built as a symbol over the fascism in World War II. Then we will go to visit another square called Amir Timur square, we will walk through the walking street called local Broadway. Then we will go to see the underground world of Tashkent and even take a ride in one of the best subways of the world. The first line of the metro was built in 1977. In the afternoon we will go to explore the elder part of Tashkent, the places like Chorsu bazaar, Kukaldash Madrasah. The last site is Hast Imam complex which has few madrasahs, mosque and mausoleum. The main exhibit of this complex is Othman Quran Copy from the 8th century. Othman Quran is the oldest copy that belonged to Othman Ibn Affan, who was a Third Caliph of Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet Muhammad had four Caliphs. Othman was killed by the non-muslims in 8th century. Today we can see his blood on the pages of Quran. The night is in the hotel.

Day 2: Tashkent - Nukus
To Nukus city we will go by flight. Upon arrival to the city we will start a city tour. And we will start from the Museum of Savitsky which is a museum of forbidden art. The collection of the museum is a Russian avant-garde paintings from 20th century, the works of Sokolov, Komarovskiy and Amarella group. The person who was curator of the Karakalpakstan state bought all the works from the banned artists soviet artists and preserved them in the small Asian art-house. Then we will drive to Mizdakhan necropolis which a bit outside of Nukus. It was a city many centuries ago, more or less from 4th century BC until 14th century AD. And then will be visit of Chilpyk which is a Zoroastrian ancient monument that has 2200 years. The night is in hotel.

Day 3: Nukus - Ayaz Qala - Tuprak Qala - Khiva
Khiva is the next city on our way. It's a unique city with a rich history and wonderful sites. The history of Khiva is connected a lot with well-known State of Khorezmshah with capital in Urgench. Khiva was a one of the main centers during the Silk Road. All the participants of the caravans were stopping in this city on their way to China and back. The gates of the city were open for the visitors from the dawn to fall. The lines of the camels with the luggage were refilling the city day by day. The Uzbeks preserved this city very well and will pass it to the next generations. On our way we will stop to visit two fortresses like Ayaz Qala and Turpak Qala. Ayaz Qala was a castle of Khorezm and was named after a legendary warior-slave Ayaz. This fortress was founded in the II century AD. Turpak Qala was a royal city of Khorezm ruler Artav, dating back to Ist or IInd century AD. And it existed until the 6th century AD. Many different facts left this place empty, without any sign of life. The night is in the hotel.

Day 4: Khiva - Tashkent
This day we will return to Tashkent by flight. Upon arrival to the capital we will have a city tour visiting a memorial complex called Courage Monument. It was erected in honor of the earthquake in Tashkent. Then we will go another memorial complex called Zangi Ota. The legend says the Zangi Ota was a shepherd who was wisdom and made many good deeds. Then we will visit two museums one is a State Museum of Timurids. There are 3 000 items in this museum like jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, coins, paintings, documents, historical manuscripts and clothing. And another museum is the State Museum of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan. There are collections of glasses and national clothing, hand and machine embroidery, skullcaps and national fabrics, carpets and woodcarvings. The night is in the hotel.

Day 5: Flight
In the morning is transfer to airport.


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